A mediator from japan sent us comments of the films “Magic of Mediation” and “Der Handy Fall”. The idea was to compare different ways of mediation on an international scope.

I watched the DVDs, “Magic of Mediation” four or five times and “Der Handy Fall” one time.

I am very much impressed with the ways of mediation and the result. Usually it is very difficult to settle the dispute between a  once separated couple. But in this case, Peter and Linda had a miracle happy end. This is truly a magic by a magician. The mediator must have been a magician.

I believe we (in Japan) usually use a caucus in such a case as this. Caucus means a way or proceedings which will be held by separatedly and individually in negotiation of mediation. (J.Michael Keating, Jr.,”In Mediation, Caucus Can Be a Powerful Tool,” !4 Alternatives 85(July/August 1996)” This is because the movant and the opponent sometimes tend to struggle each other if they are in the same room.

I thought there were some elements and conditions in this mediation. For example Peter and Linda are very rational persons and they did’nt quarrel badly in front of you, respecting you very much. They must have discussed the matter, including the situation of Eva and the others, with each other, before they come to the mediation. The key point is that they had a good mediator.

I was also impressed with your explanation as to the mediation. I leaned the importance of “clalification”. It is not of course the result, but it must be a basement of progress in the mediation.

Summaries on the board had also an important role in the mediation.

Forgiveness is essential in these cases and this is proved logically, mentally and even religiously.

Mediator had a critical importance on the case. He must be not only a lawyer but also a sort of psychologist and a magician.