Below are a number of particular points that may assist you in deciding whether to choose for mediation. A frequent obstacle is that one of the parties thinks that the other is not prepared to resolve the issue whereas in truth that is not so. Consider the matter, together with your client, solely from your own perspective.

Are you prepared to cooperate in achieving a solution that has been reached by mutual consultation?
Yes, because
• I see possibilities for a reasonable solution
• We have to deal with the other party more often
• I think that a better solution can be reached than through court proceedings
• It is also a question of a breakdown in communications
• A quick solution would serve our interests
No, because
• We consider that a judicial decision on this matter is of great importance
• A previous attempt failed and we do not wish to try again
• We do not see any other possibility for negotiation
I am uncertain, because
• I do not know exactly where we should begin
• I do not know how much room there is to negotiate
• I cannot see many possibilities
• I do not know whether the other party will cooperate
If your answer to one or more questions is ‘yes’, contact the mediation officer at your court and sign up for mediation. If you are uncertain or if you would like more information you can discuss the matter with the mediation officer at your court or visit