Evolution of Mediation Practices

GEMME Brings together 450 judges, in twenty countries of the European Union and is recognized as an interlocutor by the European authorities (it has the observer status at the Council of Europe).

CIMJ is an association which brings together international actors in judicial mediation in the world. It is the first international network of actors in the field of mediation.

Gemme and CIMJ held on 16 and 17 October 2009, at the Luxembourg Palace in Paris, an international Conference on judicial mediation. This event, described as „historic“ by the participants, brought together 350 pesonalities coming from the five continents. 35 countries were represented.

Following this event, an international network of actors of mediation was formed including many countries on the five continents.

With this success, these two associations are organizing the second international conference on judicial mediation, which be held in Fort de France, on 16, 17, 18 and 19 November 2011.

High personalities from 5 continents will be present.
Workshops will focus on the professionalization of the functions of mediator, the list of mediators and mediation in criminal matters.

Roundtables, led by professional journalists, will discuss about the new practices of mediation in 2011, ethnic and cultural conflicts in the process of mediation, international conflicts, the teaching of mediation techniques and models, family mediation, labor mediation and commercial mediation.

Simultaneous translation will be done in two languages: French and English.

To register:

Olivier Jamet (Caribbean Congress)
Mobile: 06 96 50 84 00 (Note time difference)