busmedLVHow can mediation help to solve business conflicts? This is an essential question for every rationally thinking businessman in Latvia who is interested in a fast and effective solution of possible disagreements without getting involved in long proceedings before the Latvian courts. Not to mention that the experts are IM members.

The Belgian Latvian Business Club in cooperation with the Belgium Embassy in Latvia, the Law Firm VARUL,
the Riga Graduate School of Law and the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga will hold a seminar on the topic: „Mediation – an efficient tool for business conflicts“, that will take place at the Stockholm School of Economics (Strēlnieku street 4a) on 23 May at 9.00 am. 
The seminar will demonstrate international experience in mediation and alternative dispute resolution with the aim of encouraging businesses (local and foreign) in Latvia to use mediation as the proper dispute settlement procedure. The seminar will highlight the existing problems and provide solutions, taking into account the upcoming Latvian Law on Mediation. Finally the seminar will be followed by a panel discussion on the use of mediation in Latvia for business conflicts.

The referents of the seminar include international mediators, academic and practitioners and it will be scheduled the 23rd of May from 9:00 till 1 :00 p-m. as follows:


Tools and Methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Commercial Disputes (Re-negotiation, mediation, arbitration).  Frank Diedrich, Professor at Riga Graduate School or Law (Germany) 

Latvian Law and practice of Mediation. Kaspars Freimanis, Certified Insolvency Administrator, associate at the law firm VARUL (Latvia)


Belgian Mediation Experience:

Law and Certification. Barbara Gayse, Senior Expert of the Belgium`s Federal Commission of Mediation (Belgium) 
15 years of B2B mediation in Belgium. Gérard Kuyper, Lawyer, mediator and a Member of the Board at bMediation (Belgium)


Only chances, no risks when using mediation? Experience and Use of Business Mediation
in Germany. Arthur Trossen, International expert, trainer, and a practitioner in all fields of mediation (Germany)

Selected Issues in Cross-Border Mediation. Frank Diedrich, European Institute of Mediation (Germany)

Time: 23 May 2013, at 9:00 am.
Venue: Stockholm School of Economics – Soros Auditorium (StrēlniekuStreet 4a, Riga)
Fee: Students LVL 5, BLBC Members LVL 10, others LVL 20.
Registration at Belgium Chamber of Commerce via e-mail: info@blbc.lv
. The seminar finishes at 13h00 and will be followed by a social gathering with a snack and a drink.