In July 24 a further training „Mediation and integrated mediation“ was finalized in Riga. It has a meaning when the former Latvian Minister of Justice participated the course.

Looking for a qualified training, Janis Bordans decided to join „mediation and integrated mediation“ as to be the best option for studying mediation. He knew our association and its offers since the introduction of the Latvian mediation law. It was him who brought the law on the way.

The training courses we do offer in cooperation with Integrētā Mediācija Latvijā since 2011. The offer is according to the star qualification, as we know it in Germany. On July 24th, the two star mediator training ended with a seminar called „professional mediation“. Our Latvian colleagues now are prepared for all the procedures and cases of conflict resolution. The training included basic trainings as well as specialized applications, such as family mediation, commercial mediation, internal mediation and everything a professional needs to provide best services.

Janis Bordans is probably the only Minister of Justice, who ever joined a professional mediator’s training. We might imagine how seriously this politician has taken his political commitment to mediation, if he is using mediation professionally after his engagement as a minister was terminated. In addition, of course, there is also an option, if he uses his expertise and experience for politicians in order to improve the law of mediation. Janis Bordans anyway, is now a member of Integrētā Mediācija Latvijā and of course a capable mediator.

Baiba Strupisa, the President of Integrētā Mediācija Latvijā managed to provide that training with best coaches from Latvia and Germany. „We will expand the training even further,“ she announces. „Next year there will be Tricks and Tips Seminars beside another full scale education. Finally we celebrate our 10th anniversary. There is a lot we’ll do. Let’s start with it!“.

Not to miss saying that some of the Latvian courses are spoken in English. Our guests from abroad appreciated not only staying in Riga, but the country, people and an exciting seminar.