Let mediation do the job for you

Arthur Trossen, an experienced practicing mediator, longstanding trainer in mediation, researcher and editor of books about mediation also known in Latvia, shows ways through mediation making it not just a secure and professional but even more an elegant processing for the mediator as well as for the parties.

Wouldn’t it be nice to offer a secure and professional mediation and even more if it looks elegant on top? Like to get there? You simply need to know how to provide it. This seminar will tell about the secrets behind.

  • Security comes up if one knows what is allowed and what not. If one feels to do the right things. Participants will learn to decide this question for themselves. They will learn to better understand the features, distinguished from principles and the rules of art distinguished from duties.
  • Professionality needs facility. A professional is not afraid of obstacles or difficulties. Participants will learn why obstacles in fact doesn’t exist in mediation and how they can be switched into supporting features.
  • Elegance is coming up when things seem to be easy, when mediation looks like a self-running procedure. Participants will be introduced to the steps of cognition, which leads into the flow of mediation.

Agenda of a 3 day seminar:

  • Introduction
    settling aims and adjusting the agenda of the seminar according to the skills of the participants using methods of phase 1 in mediation (target agreement)
  • adjusting the needs (resources, skills)
  • Lectures and discussions about the elements featuring a mediation (briefly introducing features, principles, structures, strategies and methods),
  • Examples and exercises showing the limits
    Lectures about the going together of the crucial elements of mediation where mediation is seen like a puzzle
  • Role game where an element is missing to show the consequences and how to overcome
    Lectures about the law framework (general not specified for Latvia), setting up and using rules pointing out the interface between law and psychology
  • Exercises and examples: what is allowed, what is prohibited, what is wrong but not forbidden and how to decide about
  • Role game of a full case
  • Working out a sheet where participants will find all the crucial elements according to the variant steps of the process which they can use as a poster to always remind on that scaffolding which makes going thorough mediation a secure walk.

Time: 22nd – 24th of May 2015, 9 am – 5 pm each day
: Good if they have already some knowledge in mediation, even if they are professionals already. Level and depth will be adjusted with the participants.
Lecturer: Arthur Trossen
Place: Riga
Language: English
Price: 250 € (early bookers till 5th of May) 280 €


Photo by OpenClips (Pixabay)